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Residential Solar System

Solar System For Home

Installing residential solar panels offers numerous benefits. Not only does it promise long-term savings, but it also champions an eco-friendly approach, reducing your carbon footprint.

Our team comprises experts well-versed in the latest solar technology, ensuring compliance with Australian standards. We’re dedicated to tailoring the ideal system for your home by comprehending your unique energy requirements. From the initial consultation to the final setup, we guide you through the entire process. Understanding the distinctiveness of each home, we analyze your electricity bills to determine the most suitable system size.

In Victoria, eligible customers can leverage the state government’s solar homes program, enabling rebates for their solar panel installation. This initiative aims to make solar energy more accessible and affordable for homeowners, and we take pride in participating in this endeavor.

Residential solar panel as per your requirement

Small House : 5 KV System | 14 X 370 Tier 1 Mono panels | 4 KV Inverter
MEDIUM HOUSE : 6.6 KV System | 16 X 415 Tier 1 Mono panels | 5 KV Inverter
LARGE HOUSE : 9.9 KV System | 24 X 415 Tier 1 Mono panels | 8 KV Inverter

Commercial Solar System

Solar System For Commercial Purpose

With Solar Victoria’s support, small businesses can now offset up to 50% of the expenses related to commercial solar panels, lessening the initial investment in solar installation. Additionally, the state government has earmarked 15,000 solar rebates to be accessible over the next three years.

Click here to connect with us for a no-obligation quotation. Our team of solar experts will reach out to you promptly to engage in discussions about your specific requirements.

For businesses that operate from sunrise to sunset, integrating solar power ensures the optimal utilization of this abundant natural resource during operational hours.

Why To Install Commercial Solar Panel?

Has lasting future viability
Decreases business operating expenses
Provides advantageous tax incentives
Establishes self-reliance in energy
Represents an investment yielding ongoing financial and environmental dividends


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