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Your dedicated Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Specialists. At Energy Goals, we are passionately committed to assisting our customers in reducing energy costs through our wealth of experience, expertise, and cutting-edge technologies. Let’s embark on a journey towards a more efficient and sustainable energy future together.

Heat Pump

Save big on energy bills with the vic hot water heat pump rebate – get up to $2500 in government savings! Upgrade to an electric heat pump now.

Split Air Conditioner System

Save big with energy upgrade incentives from the Victorian government. Upgrade from your ducted gas system to energy-efficient electric split systems.

Refrigerated Cooling Systems

Enjoy total comfort in your home with refrigerated systems! Providing delightful air conditioning through air ducts, ensuring the perfect cooling or heating.

Solar Systems

We go beyond being solar system installers. We’re a team of passionate individuals committed to empowering clients to become self-reliant in energy.

Battery Storage

Our accredited battery experts design and install various energy storage systems, from off-grid solutions to the latest in grid-connect.

Free VEU Program Products

Energy goals is an accredited provider of free products under victorian energy upgrades (veu) program. Get in touch us today!

Electric Hot Water Heat Pump

Say farewell to those soaring energy costs! Let’s make a switch from your old electric or gas hot water system to a friendlier and more cost-effective future with our electric heat pump.

How does a heat pump hot water system work?

A heat pump hot water system stands out as a highly energy-efficient method for water heating, potentially reducing power consumption by up to 75% compared to traditional electric systems. It often emerges as the optimal choice for those seeking a new water heating solution.

Energy Efficiency

A hot water system with a heat pump uses way less electricity than an electric storage hot water system. This is because it only uses electricity to run the compressor and the fan, instead of using electricity to directly heat the water with an electric element.

Split Air Conditioning System

Discover the benefits of the VEU program with Energy Goals! Our mission is to assist households in making sustainable choices. Take advantage of enticing incentives under the VEU program as you transition to state-of-the-art reverse cycle air conditioners.

Well-known brand DC inverter compressor

  • Guarantees the reliability and energy saving of the refrigeration system.
  • Stepless speed regulation, quickly meet the cooling demand and provide a comfortable environment.
  • High frequency operation, to meet the demand for rapid cooling and heating.

Optimize airflow structure

  • Using DOE analysis technology, the optimization theory of multi-objective (wind volume, vorticity, power) is calculated.
  • The optimal aerodynamic and structural strength scheme was determined by repeated iteration of test and CFD analysis.


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